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For a limited time only purchasers of any album will recieve a FREE copy of the Famous Blue Raincoat EP featuring early versions of 3 songs  from the forthcoming album

Delusions by Wayne Gillespie and Famous Blue Raincoat due for release June 2021.

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Live at the Bunker (2006)

Wayne Gillespie & Nigel Gavin

Push the Boat Out (1997)

with lyric booklet

The Narcs

Passionfish (1995)

Wayne Gillespie and Passionfish

Living in Exile (1993)

with lyric booklet

Wayne Gillespie

New Locations (1987)

Digitally Remastered 1993

Wayne Gillespie
A$ Out of Stock

Wayward Son (1984)

Digitally Remastered 2000

Wayne Gillespie