Song Lyrics

Invercargill -© Wayne Gillespie 1985



  Bm+e.. Gmaj7.. Bm+e.. G6/D.. Bm9/C#

1) That's right there's a car for sale
It's in good condition and the motor is running
It was my wife's but she went away

She went to live in ....Invercargill

2) It's got everything you could ever need
It's got bucket seats and the tyres they're radial
She never said a word - I never thought she'd leave
Just found a note on the kitchen table...

3) Come around we could have a drink
I don't live far from the local
It really must be sold this week
Up to now I guess I was hopeful

4) Don't really know what I can say
The engine's small but it's got tons of power
I know that we will never be the same
Once we could do a 100 miles an hour

Instrumental 16 bars Double time, Bm to Gmaj7

5) Starts well on a winter's day
Seats look like leather but they're only vinyl
She came home to see the kids in May
But she soon went back ....to Invercargill

6) Did everything I could to make her stay
I even got her a warrant of fitness
It's been a year now since she went away
She wouldn't even come home for Christmas

Instrumental Interlude 4 bars, Bm to Gmaj7

7) That's right there's a car for sale
It's got a little rust but it's really not too bad
Every day you know I check the mail
But it takes such a long time to get here ....from Invercargill


Invercargill Appears on:

1985 Auckland Acoustics Compilation Vinyl -Real Groovy Records 1985
1987 New Locations Album -Wayne Gillespie - Recorded Jan 1986 released CBS/Wayward 1987
1989 Mike Harding, One For You, LP
1994 Chris Priestley, Argentina to Invercargill and beyond, CD (from an earlier 1985 cassette?)
1998 Mike Harding Past to the Present, CD